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We source our flowers from all over Europe, from local flower gardens in the Staffordshire Moorlands to flower farms in Holland. We personally select all of our flowers so we can always stock the perfect combination of the freshest, highest quality blooms. Using such a wide variety of growers means that we can usually source specific flowers with just a few days notice (season permitting) so whether its a small flower wrap or a venue to be dressed we can perfectly accommodate all of your needs.

our flowers from Holland are ordered directly from the growers or the flower auctions, this means they are delivered directly to us in the freshest possible condition so they'll last as long as possible. We take great care of all of our blooms too, we use the best grade of flower food to keep them healthy and even supply a sachet with every arrangement that we design, we're always on hand to give some friendly information on how you can get the longest life from your bouquets so that you can get as much enjoyment from your flowers as we do.